Failed spin down

(John Unruh) #1

Tried 4 separate times x4 attempts to do zwift spin down always fails. Times out. Tried slow and steady to 23, fast to 23, going to 25, before ride and after ride.

(James Bongard) #2

What trainer? If it’s a Cyclops Hammer/H2 then it’s known issue (I have one and was having the same problem). Right now it’s recommended to use the Rouvy app from CycleOps to do the spin down and then log into Zwift and ride.

(John Unruh) #3

Sorry 2018 kickr

(John Unruh) #4

Another night of failed spin down calibration. Started night going to wahoo did advance spin down… successful. That to zwift 3 times…failed
Rode 12 miles, went to spindown…4 times…failed
Been almost 2 weeks waiting for zwift support.

(M D ⚡[BRT]) #5

Same problem for me on my kickr. Zwift spin down fails every time.

(Per Johan Broden) #6

Same here, spindown fails. The wheel stops but zwifts gets stuck on somewhere around 2-5 kph.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #7

I had the same problem once (Kickr 2018) several days ago … speed never went back to 0 and then spindown failed by Timeout … I used Wahoo Fitness, performed Spindown there, no problem - it finished OK. Then I did spindown in Zwift and it worked (and still works) fine …

you can see my original post here … Kickr spindown - Zwift .vs. WahooFitness - any difference?


(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #8

Just an additional notice … if necessary there is the another-advanced version of spindown for Kickrs. More info here - (middle of article)

I have never tried it (no need) yet, but it’s good to know it is there …


(Ken OConnor) #9

I am also having the same problem with my Wahoo Kickr 2018. It spins down to 1 mph and times out, everytime. Any known fixes out there?

(Stephen Rinaldo) #10

Never been able to get the spin down to work - always stops at 3kph the FAILED

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #11

Did you try to perform spindown using Wahoo Fitness app or do you use Zwift ?

(Jason Brannen) #12

I have had the exact issue for the past month. It takes 1000 watts to get to 23mph on Zwift spindown then times out. Wahoo app spindown works. Now when the gradient changes (up hill) on Zwift i dont feel any resistance and when I try to do a workout the trainer doesnt control the watts like it has for the past year. Help Please!

(Jeff Englin |DIRT) #13

It would seem to me that if you have a “test” (such as this spindown calibration). There would be some steps to fix, or recommended adjustments to try, in order to get a + test result. But nope… I just see the huge “Spindown Failed” in red & then … well, nothing. You can go back to the previous screen to either try again (w/no adjustments - ??), or just go on your merry way & go zwift - to most likely incorrect resistance settings/adjustments during your ride.
The whole spindown thing has been made out to be such a big deal when you set-up & to get accurate results…however, if it doesn’t work, it seems like there is no attention being given to the issue. Or Zwift-tech-help, do you have recommendations or help on this that we aren’t seeing or aren’t looking in the right place?
Help please, here too! Thanks

(Paul) #14

Have you solved this issue? I’ve just bought a snap and have the same issue. Its a massive faff having to log out of zwift to perform the spindown in the wahoo fitness or utility app and often as not you cant connect the trainer back to zwift after doing this even after closing down the wahoo app. I’ve sent a query to zwift today but guess they will be a while replying

(Cari) #15

I can do the Wahoo app spindown without a problem, but then on the Zwift spin down I can’t get past 18mph even standing on the peddles. I tried 3 times today with the same result. Riding Zwift I can’t get my power past 80 watts no matter how hard I peddle. Have you found a solution?

(Jeff Englin |DIRT) #16

Hey, Paul - I have NOT got a “fix” for this figured out (or had zwift or wahoo help) yet. Please post if you do.
I still can’t get the zwift spindown to “pass”.
In contrast to Cari (below), I can ride out better than what she is showing for wattage. I can spin out seemingly normal watt rates for flat ground, but on a climb - the resistance is almost laughable & despite the torque I put out, I always seem to get a 3-5 mph climbing rate.
Good luck w/yours - let me know if you find a solution! thanx!

(Ron) #17

I’ve observed the following after I updated the Snap firmware:

  1. my watts are under-reported by at least 50! (did a competitive ride, same HR min/max as usual, same perceived effort, avg watts 50+ less, 1w/kg less as well)
  2. spin down works on wahoo app, but doesn’t affect inaccurate reporting of watts
  3. spin down failed on Zwift, took huge effort to get to 23mph, then spindown stopped at 2mph and timed out (it had always worked previously)
  4. I have over 11,000 miles on Zwift so I know what is “normal” and this isn’t! I believe it to be a SNAP issue and not a Zwift one
  5. FYI using bluetooth, ipad (having switched from laptop/ant+ several months ago), 100psi on tire, 2 full turns on knob after contact which is what I’ve always done and the instructions indicate.

My ticket to Wahoo hasn’t been responded to yet, I would like to revert to the previous firmware version! If I hear anything I will report back.


(Lars) #18

I have had the exact same problem with my Kickr Snap after the firmware update. Please share your response from wahoo.

I’m considering changing my tire and trying to get my spinndown between 10-15 seconds.

Hope to find a solution soon!


(Ron) #19

Hi Lars,
Their response was “Though some 3rd party apps also support spindowns (like Zwift), the Wahoo Fitness app should be used exclusively for the best and most consistent experience. A spindown is recommended every 2 weeks or after transporting to a new location.
The cross calibration could very well be the reason for the differences.

I would suggest calibrating just in the Wahoo Fitness app and then check for more consistent readings.”

I don’t think that explains it entirely, but I found in another forum that they suggested inflating to 110psi and spinning down to 10-15 secs as you say, I got it to just under 13 but it took 2.5 turns to tighten it enough first. The variability is less now but still fewer watts output overall (maybe I’m just not as good as I thought?). Hope that helps…

(Lars) #20

Thanks, Ron!

I’m going to follow your advice and hopefully we will get even more fit for the summer because of our sudden loss of watts :slight_smile: