Failed spin down

(John Unruh) #1

Tried 4 separate times x4 attempts to do zwift spin down always fails. Times out. Tried slow and steady to 23, fast to 23, going to 25, before ride and after ride.

(James Bongard) #2

What trainer? If it’s a Cyclops Hammer/H2 then it’s known issue (I have one and was having the same problem). Right now it’s recommended to use the Rouvy app from CycleOps to do the spin down and then log into Zwift and ride.

(John Unruh) #3

Sorry 2018 kickr

(John Unruh) #4

Another night of failed spin down calibration. Started night going to wahoo did advance spin down… successful. That to zwift 3 times…failed
Rode 12 miles, went to spindown…4 times…failed
Been almost 2 weeks waiting for zwift support.

(Michael D [BRT]) #5

Same problem for me on my kickr. Zwift spin down fails every time.