Failed spin down

I’m also having a problem with inaccurate calibration of my SNAP 17. I only use the Wahoo App for spindown.

I thought the issue is caused by a longer spindown time due to a different trainer tire. Wahoo tells me that this isn’t a problem. I would love to see some numbers to back that up. I’m hoping that someone with a SNAP and a power meter on their bike will run an experiment and post the results.

Kickr SNAP 2017 Spindown

Lars, that is a good way to look at it! And if we get back to the wattage we had then we will be extremely fit!


I am having the same issue. Kickr will not calibrate. I have Had zwift for over a year now and really enjoyed it but now this issue is not something i want to deal with especially when I am paying membership fees.

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I’m having the same problem. I can calibrate on the Wahoo app, but not on Zwift.

Paul, Jim, reading other posts I think there was a Bluetooth issue with the latest Zwift update that caused some trainers to lag changes in resistance, and not be able to complete a spin down. For me, my trainer stuck at 2 mph even though the flywheel had stopped spinning.

Resistance control worked fine once I switched from Bluetooth to Ant+. However, there was no longer a button to perform a spin down so I need to look into that more.

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Thanks, Robert. Now that you point it out,my problem began after the Zwift update. My trainer gets stuck at 2 mph after the flywheel stops spinning. I submitted a request to and will post the answer when I get a response.

I messaged and received a response immediately. They sent out an update, which I downloaded on my Mac. I will try it tonight, but great support from Zwift!

I’ve been waiting for months to hear from zwift with the same problem.

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I am having the same problem with Zwift and spin down failing on Kickr Snap.
Did this for years with no problems.
Stuck at 2 mph or similar like others reporting
Wahoo bolt spin down works without issue- annoying to have to stop my ride and then log out of zwift spin down then relog back into zwift.

Mention of a mac update- any news of an iOS one? I am using that. Agree update may have caused.

I updated. It works perfectly again.

It seems this issue is back again.

Spin down wouldn’t work for me on Wednesday either
As soon as i touched the pedal to start cycling, it said the test was completed.