Failed spin down

I’m also having a problem with inaccurate calibration of my SNAP 17. I only use the Wahoo App for spindown.

I thought the issue is caused by a longer spindown time due to a different trainer tire. Wahoo tells me that this isn’t a problem. I would love to see some numbers to back that up. I’m hoping that someone with a SNAP and a power meter on their bike will run an experiment and post the results.

Kickr SNAP 2017 Spindown

Lars, that is a good way to look at it! And if we get back to the wattage we had then we will be extremely fit!


I am having the same issue. Kickr will not calibrate. I have Had zwift for over a year now and really enjoyed it but now this issue is not something i want to deal with especially when I am paying membership fees.

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I’m having the same problem. I can calibrate on the Wahoo app, but not on Zwift.

Paul, Jim, reading other posts I think there was a Bluetooth issue with the latest Zwift update that caused some trainers to lag changes in resistance, and not be able to complete a spin down. For me, my trainer stuck at 2 mph even though the flywheel had stopped spinning.

Resistance control worked fine once I switched from Bluetooth to Ant+. However, there was no longer a button to perform a spin down so I need to look into that more.

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Thanks, Robert. Now that you point it out,my problem began after the Zwift update. My trainer gets stuck at 2 mph after the flywheel stops spinning. I submitted a request to and will post the answer when I get a response.

I messaged and received a response immediately. They sent out an update, which I downloaded on my Mac. I will try it tonight, but great support from Zwift!

I’ve been waiting for months to hear from zwift with the same problem.

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I am having the same problem with Zwift and spin down failing on Kickr Snap.
Did this for years with no problems.
Stuck at 2 mph or similar like others reporting
Wahoo bolt spin down works without issue- annoying to have to stop my ride and then log out of zwift spin down then relog back into zwift.

Mention of a mac update- any news of an iOS one? I am using that. Agree update may have caused.

I updated. It works perfectly again.

It seems this issue is back again.

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Spin down wouldn’t work for me on Wednesday either
As soon as i touched the pedal to start cycling, it said the test was completed.

Hi there,

I am unable to get Spindown to work anymore in Zwift on Wahoo Kickr (2018). It still works on the Wahoo app.

I can put out about 500 watts to get to 37 kph, then it gets stuck at 2 kph, then fails, everytime. wahoo app no problem


Same problem for me. Kikr late 2018 version. Went to the Wahoo app and did it there. Zwift any thoughts?

Don’t think this will help everyone here, but I have a kickr core and was having this issue today. Specifically having to put out huge watts to get speed up to 23mph then taking forever to come down with failed calibration as the result.

I realized I was trying to calibrate on a 3% gradient with trainer difficulty set to max. By turning trainer difficulty all the way down i removed the simulated resistance of the gradient and was easily able to spin up to 23mph with a successful calibration. Also think starting from a complete stop may be important.