KICKR Spindown in Zwift

I see that people seem to be pushing the Wahoo App for spindowns. I have not had good luck with the App and find it generally, well, shite. So, I do the spindown through Zwift, after a ten minute warmup, done after logging onto. Sometimes, when I start the spindown, the resistance drops to the point where I am spinning out and the speed shoots up past 23 mph. Other times, it feels like I am going up hill, having to put much more effort to get to 23 mph. It occurred to me that Zwift might have me on a course, even though I havent gotten to the point of even selecting one.

Any answers or thoughts?

I’ve experienced similar issues and would really like to know the answer and The Whole wahoo vs Zwift spindown. Great q.

The only problem I’ve had with the Zwift spindown and my Kickr v2 is that sometimes it fails to spin down in the expected amount of time after I’ve reached 37km/h.

Which version of Kickr do you have?

I have the 2018 but I’ve had that same issue, rarely though and it never happens twice in a row.

Also kickr v2 but similar to Michael it never happens 2x. In a row … but I guess I would prefer 0 times in a row personally …