Issues with new Wahoo kickr

Hi there, I bought my new Wahoo Kickr, model 2016 / 2017 last week in a bike store. I set it up, as described in the manual. I performed a spindown with the wahoo utility app. At the end of the spindown, the app says, that the spindown was successful und that the the kickr was set to mode 2, offset = 0. Is that normal, that the offset is set to 0? I repeated the spindown several times with always the same result. In Zwift I determined, that I reach relatively high speeds in comparison to the powernumbers Zwift shows. For example, with an avg Power of 113 watts in one hour I reach an avg speed of 29,5 km/h during this hour. This is far away for me from reality. Could there be an issue with my kickr? The kickr has the latest firmware installed.

That speed is close to what I average on Zwift with very similar watt numbers. Remember in Zwift there is no wind and no reason to slow down for turns and traffic so your average should be a little higher then real life.

Do you also use the new wahoo kickr Paul? If so, what were the results of your spindown?

No I use a different trainer, but I would assume that your numbers are correct with what I have seen.