Weird speed/wattage on kickr core

Hi everyone,

I have my brand-new wahoo kickr core for about a month or so (bought at Zwift) and I’m a bit puzzled on how to ride while using Zwift. It seems, that Wattage, RPM and driven Speed don’t match.

For example:

This morning I was riding flat/downwards (-2%) with 180-220 Watts and I ride with 21kph/13mph. I had this several times now.

When I tried to do a calibrated spin down, both in the ZWIFT app and on the Wahoo Kickr App at first initializing takes very long. Then when it works, I try to pedal until 36kph BUT the speed shows 0kph even when I go all out. After several seconds, it tells me to stop pedaling (see screenshots).

What can I do? Is there an issue with the hardware?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello @Frederic_Giloy welcome to the forums!

Do you have Play controllers paired too? It looks like your brake light is on in the screenshot… try without connecting the play controllers and report back.

also, don’t use Zwift to do the spindown, only use the Wahoo app. Zwift should be closed as well during this process so the Wahoo app can connect to the trainer.

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It’s hard to imagine how that could affect a spindown in the Wahoo app with Zwift not running. :man_shrugging:

If it doesn’t work in the Wahoo app it’s time to contact Wahoo support.

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yes I have the play controllers, but no I didn’t brake. I’ll try thanks for you reply.

Sometimes the Play controllers will brake you anyway (some kind of bug or hardware issue) but they only interact with Zwift, not with the trainer directly.

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