Slow Speed

Hi folks,

Ive just starting using Zwift and am using it on a new Wahoo Kickr that I have just set up.

Im finding that when I pedal at an intensity/exertion that would sustain say 15mph out on my actual bike that in Zwift im just crawling along at 2mph.

Can anyone advise what Ive set up wrong?

Ive got an accurate weight registered in Zwift.



Hi @Robert_Rice1, welcome to the forums. How many watts are you producing and what route are you on in Zwift?

Double check your height is correct too.

See this post for additional information.

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Hi Mike,

Ive got my height in accurate too.

I’ll need to check/look again but it was saying about 50W.

I found that looking directly through Wahoo fitness app that the speed feels low comparing it to exertion in real life.
I feel like I’m pushing hard enough to to do around 25 mph but only registering about 12/13 mph.(in the wahoo app)

Will have a look through the link you included.



That is really low power and would explain the slow speeds.

Have you updated the firmware on the kickr and done a spindown calibration?

Hi Mike,

I think Ive got to the bottom of it.

When I first set up the Kickr one of the first things I tried to do was a Spindown/Calibration.

However when I tried to do it through the Wahoo app it gave me some info saying that calibration was automatic in the V5(I think thats my version, bought Oct 2020) and therefor a spindown was not needed as its constantly monitored. So I dont know if this means that eventually the Kickr would self correct/calibrate after some time of pedalling. (It didnt provide the option to calibrate)

Reading through the Wahoo troubleshooting I discovered theres a way to force it to do a factory spindown by clicking on its icon in the app 10 times.

Did the spindown and its much more realistic.

Thanks for getting back to me.


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