Wahoo Kickr Snap Zwift Discrepancy

Today I performed a spindown on the Wahoo Kickr after i started a Zwift flatground riders choice workout. The route just felt more difficult than usual, like I was pedaling in sand so I decided to test out how I was performing on the wahoo fitness app. The app seemed to be working fine and I was able to get up to my FTP much easier, the sand feeling seemed to dissappear but I still wanted to see if a spindown would fix the issue. Unfortunately this was not the case as it seemed to massively compound my problems, I began to lose connection with ERG in Zwift which has never happened to me before and the Wahoo fitness app then reported to me that I was putting out 165 watts and going over 40 mph? Is that even near being correct? In the past when the Snap seemed to be functioning normally I needed to put out at least 260 watts or so to reach a speed that high. 

This isn’t something we’ve heard of from other users, so I’d strongly recommend contacting Wahoo instead. They can check to make sure the spindown values match what they should be and provide further help. Zwift just sends the commands to the trainer, and it’s to the trainer how to interpret those.

Best of luck!

I have had exactly the same issue. When I concurrently looked at the Wahoo App and Zwift, the speed is completely different (Zwift 4-8km/hr slower). Weirdly the wattage seemed to be close.

Hi MIke.  Curious about how many seconds it took after spindown.  Ideally, Should be in between 10 and 15 seconds.  Under 10?  Tension on wheel too tight, over 15, tension too loose.