Kickr spindown - Zwift .vs. WahooFitness - any difference?

(Godmother Fox) #1

As far as I know, there are two ways how to perform “spindown” of my Kickr. Either in Wahoo Fitness app or directly in Zwift (Pair menu->“wrench”->Spindown). Until recently I thought both are the same, but two days ago I had some problems with my Kickr and was unable to finish spindown in Zwift …was trying several times, but speed never went to 0 and process failed due to Timeout. Finally I had to start WahooFit app and perform spindown there … it finished OK, and now it works in Zwift, again. Thus let me assume those spindowns are not the same.

Well, my question - is there any significant difference between them, related to accuracy? I mean - is Zwift’s spindown OK/good for common/everyday ride or is it better to perform spindown with Wahoo app to get better-more exact numbers?

Failed spin down
(Tom Ellis) #2

I’ve seen the same issue with my Kickr spindowns in Zwift since last upgrade (ATV 4K). Might take 3-4 tries, but eventually work after closing out of the app. Spindowns within Zwift generally seem more variable (i.e., effort required to get to 24 mph) than those within the Wahoo app, but I have not noticed an impact on in-game performance. This topic has been raised previously where a user claimed Zwift spindowns were not accurate, but few details were provided. Again, I have not seen this but would be interested in others’ experiences.

Spindowns within the Wahoo app became such a chore that I would settle for Zwift spindowns even if they are marginally less accurate.

(Godmother Fox) #3

Tom, thank you for reply :+1:

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #4
 If Zwift would display the spindown time like Wahoo does, we could tell if something were amiss. 
I have been exclusively using Zwift calibrations for my SNAP for quite awhile. Occasionally, I find that my legs just don't have the strength to get me to the speed called for.  My problem is almost always having some other device turned on, such as iPhone or Garmin.