AppleTV spindown failing since lastest update

Anyone else having issues doing doing a spindown in Zwift on AppleTV since the update. I have had it fail multiple times. Rebooted Kickr and AppleTV, deleted app and reinstall. Never had an issue until latest update.

Also I had to push a lot harder than I normally have to do to get to 23MPH. After about 20 minutes of failure in Zwift I gave up and used the Wahoo app with no issues.

I have exactly the same issue with my iPad and Kickr. Worked fine until the latest update and now i cant do a spindown and have same behavior that you describe. I’ve logged a support request.

Unfortunately this is a common occurence for me. Previous updates also resulted in similar issue and the only way i could resolve was to exit game and do a spindown in the wahoo app then re-enter the game. That however does not work for this issue.

Third verse same as the first. Did all the same. Spin down works in wahoo app. Had to give up on it. Shut down everything and unplugged.

Yes had the same, all was good until latest update, when doing the spin down the resistance is a lot harder. Can we have this sorted please!!

Okay I am in the same boat as you. I noticed last night I was climbing some small hills and the resistance was still at 300 watts well after the hill had leveled off. It seemed to throw off the resistance on the whole ride but it was very pronounced while starting a small hill or after the top of the hill. I tried the spin down 2 different times and both times it failed using my Ipad. Can one of you explain how to do the spin down with the Wahoo App please. Thanks

I have been having same exact issue since last ios update. Its very annoying that i cant use the app i paid for.

Same here, also seems to take about 800w to actually hit the 23mph, then just hangs up at 2mph until time out

Same on Apple TV with a Hammer H2. This sucks especially because Cyclops doesn’t maintain their Rouvy iOS app anymore. Hope there’s a patch soon. I don’t understand why this feature keeps breaking regularly.

I have the very exact same issue, Apple TV /iPad spin down Hangs at 2 mph on spin down and takes full on sprint to overpower to 23mph. wahoo app works just fine.

Is anyone using IOS who does not have a problem with this issue?

I have read the other forums for known issues now – and basically if you use IOS and bluetooth you are just out of luck right now. They say they are working on a fix.

Same here. Spindown in Apple TV failed numerous times. Went to Wahoo app and worked fine. I’m on a kickr 2017 model. Never had this problem before latest update.