Apple TV 4K / Kickr 18 spin down calibration fails

Since the Apple TV 4K update mid May my Kickr 18’ no longer calibrates in Zwift spin down. It’s fine in the Wahoo app. Zwift spins down from 23 mph and gets hung at 2 mph or 1 mph. Obviously I am not peddling. I have tried power downs, reconnects, big ring small ring etc to no avail.

I am using zwift companion blue tooth to pull wahoo cadence and HR strap together. help!

Seems like this was problem in past updates and it’s back.

Just cause Zwift brought back their calibration tool doesn’t mean it needs to be used. There are multiple threads already about this where it has been determined Zwift’s calibration tool is still broken.

The best advice is to only use your trainer’s app to complete calibrations.