Apple TV 4K - Spindown issues up since last update (Kickr Snap)

Been having a difficult time performing spindowns now on my Kickr Snap within the zwift app since the last update rolled out. It’s been much more common for the spindown to just hang at 2mph. I’ve been having to give it several attempts in order to calibrate. Use to work almost flawlessly. The system on occasion also has not be disengaging any of the resistance on the trainer while trying to calibrate, making some spindowns a 350+ watt go at reaching 23mph. While other attempts the resistance is normal.

Anyone else having this issue? 


Yes, having the same two issues.  I reverted to using the Wahoo app to perform the spindown cal.  I hope Zwift uses the Wahoo spindown rather than the values used the last time I ran the cal from Zwift…  I don’t like my answer (rather use Zwift) but I have no other answer at the moment.  Been too busy to file a ticket, but I might get a chance tonight…   Let me know if Wahoo spindown works for you. 

I’m having the same spin down issues.  Thanks for posting.

Same problem here. No trouble calibrating with iPad but prefer to use Apple TV. Frustrated.

I was having the same issues with AppleTV. I found that restarting the AppleTV from the Settings/System section and then repairing everything solved the issue.

I *believe* it’s due to the AppleTV app not really ending your session even though you end the ride. The other symptom seems to be the disappearance of other riders. Restarting AppleTV brings them back, but if you just end the ride and then ride again the next day without restarting AppleTV, the other riders are gone and you can’t do a spindown.

That’s been my experience for a few weeks, anyway. Prior to that I had no such issues. Spindowns have become a real chore, though.

Thanks Mark.

I have also had problems with other riders disappearing.

Had same issue.  Restarted apple TV and it worked.

Are you guys able to actually have the apple tv control the resistance in the kickr snap during rides (not workouts), i.e. uphill/downhill?

Yes, it does for me. Even 1% hills are noticeable. I have the Kickr Snap.

I often have problems when I swap my bike and my wife’s and need to do a new spin down. Most times i get a spin down “FAIL” … I turn Apple tv and the kickr snap off/on to get things back.

Also … my calibration goes out of whack after a climb or sprint … for example: after box hill i’ll be riding down -8% but trainer is still at +12 so i can barely ride down the hill :frowning: