KickrSnap Spindown

Hi There,

I just purchased a KickrSnap and I’m new to Zwift so I’m a bit confused about something. Wahoo says I should perform a Spindown at the start of every ride using their app. Is that necessary if I’m riding in Zwift?


I do a spin down ever ride.  I use the wahoo fitness app to do so.  All it does is just take into account the internal resistance and auto cal’s based upon how long it it takes to wind down from like 37 mph.


it takes less than a minute.

Zwift guys, could this Snap spin down be included on Zwift as part of warm up workout or part of settings or …?

Matt, do you do the 10 minute warm up first and then swith to Zwift?


I spin lightly for 10 mins.  It gives all my sensors a chance to “wake up” and stabilize.


It also gives me time to pick a good music track.


After 10 minutes i will go into spin-down mode.  Calibrate


Ride on

sweat for an hour.


Great approach. Thanks.

@Matt Canna: Onoda Sakamichi

spin down from “like 37 mph”?!

I just bought a Snap and the spin down is from 22.36 mph. 

@Bernard Adamczyk

The spin down is unrelated to Zwift. It calibrates the combination of trainer and bike (rear tire pressure/roller tension) with the objective of giving accurate power readings.

Because your exercise environment will vary from day-to-day – temperature, humidity, how clean your tire is, etc. it’s not a bad idea to do a daily spin down. Anything that might affect the grip of your rear tire on the roller and/or the internal friction of the flywheel (thus the Wahoo recommended 10 minute warm-up) has an impact (if only minor) on the power read.

In kilometers it is 37.

I dont do a spindown every time, i pump my tire to 8 bar and made a marking on the blue nob, wich you use to adjust the tension, to make sure it’s the same everyime. I do a spin down every 3 or 4 rides, at the end of my ride. The temperature then is a lot higher then after just 10 minutes.