KICKR Snap Spindown in Zwift?

I bought a KCIKR Snap and so far I’m loving the Zwift/KICKR combo. One issue I have is that Wahoo recommends a 10min warmup and spin down for every ride. Currently there’s no way to do that in zwift, (That I can find) so for workouts I do my 10 min KIcKR warmup, spin down, and then launch Zwift, except all those workouts have 10 min warmups as well. I really don’t need 20 min of warmup time, and when time is short, and I only have an hour or so to train, spending 20 minutes soft pedaling is not efficient.


Any way to incorporate a spin down into the workouts? do other trainers not need to be warmed up?

What I do on my Kickr is do the 10 minute warmup free riding in Zwift.  Bring up the pairing screen and remove all devices.  Minimize Zwift and launch the Wahoo app. and connect using Bluetooth.  Do my spindown real quick and than disable bluetooth on my phone.  I even restart my phone because that wahoo app will sometimes be running in the background.  Go back to Zwift and repair my devices.  At this point I will start my workout.  I didnt have much luck running bluetooth alongside my ant+ signal.  You could also just skip the 10 minute warmup if getting a star for that segment doesnt bother you.  I usally free ride a lap before and after every workout anyways just to get more distance and time.

That’s a lot of back and forth, and sometimes it’s a chore to get all my sensors to connect to zwift. 

I wonder if if we could just elect to skip or shorten the warmup. Not really concerned with stars. 

Computrainers require this, too, and with zwift it’s even more annoying because if I try to do what Michael Shirley suggests (unpair device from zwift, spindown, then re-pair), zwift does not find the computrainer unless I fire up a computrainer application that “checks serial ports”.  It’s like zwift doesn’t properly shutdown the connection.  When I raised a support issue for this the other day, I was told, “take it to the forums where the devs look”.

I’ve been asking for zwift to support a “spindown” mode since the beta. There are other pieces of software that do just this–10 minutes into a workout the workout pauses, the software “unpairs” and puts the computrainer into spindown mode and the instructions pop up on the screen along with a 1 minute countdown timer.  You go through the process, and after a minute, or when you press a button to say you’re done, the workout resumes.

Any smart trainer that uses a wheel rather than direct drive is going to have the same sort of requirement. Should we create a feature request?

Also, I believe hitting the TAB on the keyboard will skip the current part of a workout, so you could use that to skip your warmup segment.


I’ll try that. Thanks for the tip. 

I found the same thing annoying.  Another option is to modify the workout.  You can highlight the workout on the workout drop down list.  Click on the white squares to the left of the name.  This will take you to the create workout screen where that workout is. You can easily shorten the warm-up to the desired length to account for the fact you already warmed up.  To do this, put your mouse on the right edge of that interval and slide left to make narrower.  The time will show when you do this.  You can slide to the number you desire. Or, once it appears you can click on it and enter the number.  If you hit save, the new workout version appears in your Custom Workouts folder.  The original file remains there and unchanged.  This will allow you to do the time you want and still get your stars…which even though it does not matter, still feels better for some silly reason.

im really confused, I just got my snap. why can’t  you start a ride, ride for ten minutes, click menu button, click pair button, then the power source tool icon and select calibrate? I see a option to calibrate right in Zwift app. im using a Mac.    or am I missing something?

Yes you are correct. You can do exactly as you say David. Just free ride then go the pairing screen and do the spindown. Make sure you use the FEC controllable trainer option when using the snap BTW. 

If we could get back to the Choose Your Workout, Choose Your Course screen without quitting and re-starting Zwift, this would be much less of a chore.

Start Zwift.

Free ride for 10 minutes.

Bring up the calibration within Zwift.

Select a workout.

(Skip warm-up within workout if desired.)

if on a Mac/PC, you can use the ‘E’ key to go to the workout selection screen.  [Not really an option, though, on iOS or tvOS.]


Ride on!

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@Phil - I will give that a try next workout!