Wahoo Kicker Core wattage fluctuation - MacBookAir10,1

Just got a kicker core in the last month to replace an aged and worn Elite trainer. After latest update I’ve noticed my wpkg dipping every second. If I’m pedaling at 3.5 wpkg on flat, it keeps dipping to 2.6-2.8 then back up. It is seen in the power graph as consistent spikes or dips. It doesn’t seem to have this issue in ERG mode.
I have powered down the Core, but not completely removed and readded each device.
I am current on all updates, and am using Zwift Play controllers for virtual shifting. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @_Rizzo_OYRB, welcome to the forums. Sounds like what is being reported over here… not sure there is a solution yet?

Thanks Mike, I’ll stay tuned to that topic.

Hi @_Rizzo_OYRB, in addition to the good information already received. I would like to suggest calibrating it via the manufacturer’s mobile app (wahoo) which is available for iOS. Also, ensure you have the 1.4.8 firmware version.
Lastly, Could you please, confirm if wattage inaccuracy is experienced on both apps (Wahoo, and Zwift) or just Zwift?