Cadence drop Kickr Core Zwift Play virtual shifting

I picked up a strange problem today up Box Hill. I have a Kickr Core with Zwift Play and I have both the Steering and Virtual shifting functioning. All firmware is up to date. Running Zwift on a High end Gaming laptop @4K, Its been working beautifully since I activated it a while ago. I am trying to keep my HR down so been taking it easy. Today up Box Hill, as soon as I geared down to 3rd or lower to keep my Watts down and Cadence constant, my cadence dropped to half and at the same time the Watts shot up. Back up to 4th and it all came back online to the correct metrics. I tried this a few times. Actual cadence was around 70-80rpm. in 3rd or lower it dropped down to 35-40. Any advice?

In this thread, there are some other people who describe similar issues.

You could try not using virtual shifting and see if that makes a difference.

Hi Paul, Yeah I read this thread thanks. I feel I have invested in the virtual shifting, so I kinda want it to work. Hoping for a solution as opposed to switching it off. Other than this issue I listed, it’s really a nice function to have. It gives me a bit more range than my current 11 x 2 setup, which is nice to have especially on the super steep climbs. It also minimizes unnecessary wear and tear on my cassette and chain.