Kickr Core - Virtual Shifter BUG (?)

Wahoo Kickr Core with latest firmware and virtual shifter installed.
Power - 3 sec avg
Trainer diff - 50%

Got problems with power graph and wattage/wkg output (no matter ride/race, high/low power, high/low cad)

My normal Alpe climb (high/low cad) without virtual shifter and its super smooth i can pace myself

My todays Alpe Climb (high/low cad) last 3km WITH virtual shifter, look at the power jumps, there is no way i can maintain any reasonable avg power

Small race - Fox Hill - also WITH virtual shifter, the same thing no matter the cadence and power

Basically with virtual shifter ON :

  • i cant train without erg, because power jumps like crazy (no matter if its low/high cad, low/high power)
  • i also cant race, because of this power jumps ppl think im accelarating and im not :wink:
  • and also i cant ride, because those power spikes are driving me crazy, and i cant measure power output properly

My tests
Easy/tempo rides - look at those spikes

Race - same thing

It’s like every pedal strike, zwift is giving me huge power spike and after that its lowered (and by far those numbers are not small). Immediately i thought its connected with 3sec vs instant power show option, coz those up and downs are fast and instant, but it wasn’t the case.

Anyone else have the same problem? Any ideas?

You should have a look at this thread

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Thank You!