Erratic power readings with kickr Core and virtual shifting

I have always used ant+, but i recently moved to bluetooth and got some play controllers to use virtual shifting with my kickr core.

However since doing so i am eperiencing some strange power readings. Its about a 20 watt swing either way.

I have the latest firmware on the controllers and the kickr. This does not happen all the time. If i disconnect and re pair the hardware it often corrects the issue.

I initially though it might be a cadence issue, but i use the kickr cadence sensor ( bt ) and resistance ( bt ).

This doesn NOT happen over ant+ and the play conteollers obviously disabled. Any ideas?

Look at the images below to see the difference

There’s a lengthy discussion about what sounds like a similar issue over here

Hi @Mark.EVO Thanks for reporting this situation. In addition to the support already received in this thread. I would like to know if you’re pairing Zwift Play as a steering device and not as controllable.

Since Zwift Play connects directly to Zwift via Bluetooth, they work with any trainer, however, our virtual shifting feature is only available on compatible trainers, checking your Wahoo Kickr Core features I don’t see the virtual shifting option what makes me think this can be a compatibility related issue. For more details on compatible trainers with the virtual shifting please review our page.

Thanks for the response, but it is a Kickr Core which is one of the compatible devices, sorry i wasn’t clear.

I am using the controllers for both steering + virtual shifting ( which is working correctly )

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