Virtual shifting for wahoo kickr and other trainers!

I would really like to have virtual shifting for my Wahoo Kickr Core. It would be a huge upgrade for my setup and zwifting experience!

I have made the same request to wahoo (zwift says that they need to make firmware changes to make it possible) and I recommend all of you to contact the manufacturer of your trainer to.

So please, add virtual shifting for wahoo, Tacx and other trainers!

Zwift has stated they are 100% open to communication with other companies.

So you need to send this request directly to your trainers’ manufacturer.
(which you stated you did; just following this up for any passersby)

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As long as its not locked only for Zwift use,… oh wait.

Q: Does Zwift Hub One only work with Zwift?

A: While we recommend using Zwift Hub One with Zwift for the most fun, immersive indoor cycling experience, Zwift Hub One can be connected to other platforms. Keep in mind that virtual shifting will only work with Zwift. If you want to use Zwift Hub One with another platform, you’ll need to remove the Zwift Cog and install a cassette.

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Done! Send a request to wahoo


fully agree, a feature which is absolutely mandatory. Any specific place where to request for wahoo?

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Came here today just for this. I have a wahoo KICKR. I know that virtual shifting can be supported on other smart trainers because in a Zwift workout, you can adjust the resistance in real time by 1% changes on the companion app. Virtual shifting is a bigger step each click times the virtual slope. There is no reason why it can’t be supported on any device that supports ERG mode.


There have been loads of rumors that this is coming for Wahoo trainers. So many that it must be true. :grinning:

My guess is that Wahoo are gunning for the whole pie at Zwift: eliminating the JetBlack partnership entirely and the discontinuation of the Zwift Hub.


Based on news, virtual shifting coming to wahoo core models with play controllers. Does anyone know if it will be available for models, like wahoo move, which i currently own?

It will be coming. News later on this year appparently.

Hi Zwifters. Its Juan over here, a Zwift colleague. I’m glad to join to this thread. I have updates in this regard. Recently, we released the virtual shifting for Wahoo Kickr Core. Here you have this forum thread to learn more about it.