Phasing out Zwift Hub Classic from Zwift Shop

Hello Zwifters,

Zwift Hub Classic–the Zwift Hub trainer with a cassette– will no longer be available to buy in the Zwift Shop. In partnering with Wahoo on the Wahoo KICKR CORE with Cassette, we can expand the benefits introduced by Zwift Hub Classic last year, offering the Wahoo KICKR CORE with a pre-installed cassette, giving you a low-cost, and fantastic ride experience.

We’ve created this FAQ to help you with questions.

I have read the FAQ. Thank you for posting it.
Your answer to the question of support only mentions firmware updates. How about hardware? I notice there is currently no facility to buy spare parts (such as a drive belt) from zwift. Is this going to continue to be the case going forward? Dropping a product after only a year is likely to prompt these questions.
Are you willing to support the availability of wear and tear parts? If so perhaps it would be useful for us to know where customers can get them? In the E.U the right to repair is protected by law. Are you willing to disclose how Zwift plans to honor these rights or are we strictly limited to the warranty you offer in our respective countries?