Zwift software is awful

Why isn’t it possible to just log into Zwift to get an update? Every time, the system won’t let me in, I have to uninstall Zwift, and then reinstall, and then it starts an update download.

Another issue is why can’t you choose the map you want to ride? I’ve been waiting a week to ride NY/Central Park again.

I tell ya, for $15 a month it’s not worth it. First time something better comes along, I’m gone.

I believe this still works:

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  1. Tens of thousands of people are able to update without the issues you raise so perhaps its more an issue with your hardware.

  2. You’ve never been able to choose whichever map you want. Only recently they’ve increased it to 3 worlds. You signed up to Zwift and it’s always been like that so why start complaining now?

Good luck finding something better.


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You can easily ride on any world you like by creating a Meetup on it.

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