For those of you wanting to upgrade to a Smart trainer

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Cycleops is discontinuing the Powersync trainer.  Their website is selling them for $500.  However, on Ebay there is a seller “ride-inside” that has them for buy it now for $350 with a Make Offer option.  I won’t say the price, but I offered significantly less and it was accepted next day (there were 10 available, now there is 9 available and 1 sold . . . I am the 1 sold).

Anyway, once I received the payment info the payment is going directly to Cycleops, so these are new and sealed direct from Cycleops.  I got my unit in 1 day, but I’m only 60 miles from them.  Gonna set it up tonight.

Curious. Even though Cycleops says a 650 is not supported. (Im guessing their software) can the PowerSync be setup to train with a 650c in Zwift? Thanks for the time!