Can't navigate menus on Apple TV without swiping?!

I’ve recently bought the AppleTV 4K 2021, and am about to start Zwifting again.

I have the swiping turned off completely on my device for accessability reasons. It is awful using swiping on the remote, and the tactile clicks of buttons are much better.

It looks like there is no other way of selecting items in the submenus than having to swipe, and having turned this off completely I can’t select a route etc?

Is there any other way to do this? Even using the companion app?

As far as I know you are out of luck. Swiping on the AppleTV remote, or swiping on the smartphone remote app are the only ways. If you have an iOS device, you might try the remote on that to see if it works better for you. Third party button remotes are reported not to work as well.

We’re hoping against hope that the new UI somehow fixes this.
Though we aren’t holding our breath.

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I’ve found some ways to mitigate ATV remote issues. I’ll quote myself from the megathread. Note that I’m using the gen 2 Siri remote - not sure how this would work on the gen 1.

(and no, the Companion App isn’t a substitute, though it’s all I use once I’m actually riding - remote is just for ride setup and ending)

It’s not a case of the swiping not working for me. I’ve completely switched it off in the settings on AppleTV.

Speaking of new UI, when is that FINALLY supposed to be rolled out on AppleTV?
(after all, it’s ONLY been 9 MONTHS since it first appeared on other devices)

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