Mobile phone holders

I use Apple TV for Zwift but have started thinking about watching sports when I’m riding too. As there is no room for an extra monitor in my set up I was thinking about getting a mobile phone holder for my bike. Does anyone have a similar set up and have any phone holders they would recommend? Everything I see on Amazon either have mixed reviews or the reviews are from people who are using them for outdoor cycling.

Any other setups I haven’t thought of yet would also be great to hear!

I bought an inexpensive music stand and put my iPad on it.

Lay your mobile phone on top of your Garmin :man_shrugging: It works for me.

Or you could get something like a Quad Lock

I use the Zefal Z-Console universal mount.

I have bought this one on amazon:

MoKo Porta Cellulare da Bici, Supporto per Telefono da Bicicletta, Sostegno Phone o Tablet Manubrio Universale per Smartphone, Regolabile e 360° Rotabile 4" - 11" per iPhone iPad Samsung

it is good for smartophone and tablet up to 11".