iPhone Garmin Mount

Hello Fellow Zwifters, I hope one of you know the answer… I would like to mount my iPhone to my Garmin front mount on my bike while zwifting… Is there a case or an add on specific for Garmin mount for iPhone or any smartphone? Thanks a bunch and ride on! See u out there on Watopia :+1:t2:

Yes there is many out there. Try a google search. One product linked below:


Don’t no what phone you got but they are available. 

This may be spot on!


Cheap to!

Jason’s suggestion is good, but I recommend searching Shapeways to find a quarter turn mount and pick up a cheap phone case.  Just glue the mount to the case and you’re good to go.

I bought this one from Shapeway ($5) for my old iPhone 5,  Works fine.  I also glued one on the back of a micro-keyboard so I could attach it to my bike.