Cell phone mounts

I would like to find a bike mount to attach to my road bike. Can I get some recommendations from personal experiences? Thank you. The bike mount would need to fit an iPhone 11.

Quadlock is my chosen solution

I got one at Wal Mart.
I only use my phone on my trainer not when riding outdoors.
My phone slips in and out without having to attach anything to my phone.
There is enough clearance for my Thin optics glasses which I keep on my phone.

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I wouldn’t use it outside but perfect for Zwifting

I use a Delta Cycle mount on each of my bikes. The extra-large version is big enough to fit a Galaxy Note 9 with an Otterbox encasement. The only drawback is that while they are secure, they are not long lasting. You will get maybe a year-year and a half out of them before they should be replaced. My last one went almost two years before a piece of it broke off and tossed my phone when I hit a set of rumble strips.

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I’d definitely second Quadlock.