Phone and Apple TV Bike Mount

Got a new phone on Saturday, an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and as I had an SP Connect case and mount on my old phone it meant buying a new SP Connect case.

I much prefer a standard case so bought an Otterbox Symmetry and modified the old SP Connect so that it would also hold the Apple TV remote.

This was a bit of a prototype but I’ve tried it and it works well, reason it’s in MDF, I’m a Joiner, some sort of plastic would probably look better but I’m no expert in plastic :joy:
I’ll spray it black now that I know it works and doesn’t need modifying.

Sorry I can’t take a picture of the holder with the phone and remote as it’s my only camera, but I’m sure you can visualise how it looks.

Anyway, I’m quite pleased that I’ve finally got a place to store that damn remote!!!