Apple Remot

Is it just me or does the remote control on Apple TV suck ass. I spend way too much time fiddling with searching for a workout. Any suggestions?

Hopefully we’ll have the new UI soon. Because yeah, it’s not great. AppleTV and Zwift is generally the easiest way but the remote is badly integrated and it got worse with the new generation. Which is now pretty old.

Gen 1 or Gen 2 Siri remote?

I sold my Gen 1 and bought a Gen 2. Not perfect but significantly better.

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I much prefer the new silver remote too. Much chunkier and easier to hold. The directional buttons can be used at least some of the time (not picking workouts/routes/bikes though).

Still not fully implemented properly, but an improvement on the black remote.

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Pro-tip: “Elago” offers rubber sleeves for the new remote that make it even easier to hold.

R1 version has magnets and is a bit thicker:

R2 is slimmer, no magnets:

Game changer when I’m on the bike. They even make wall holsters.

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