Apple TV and Zwift

So I spent 2 hours today with Apple TV customer support trying to figure out how to make Apple TV work with my set up. Disclaimer. I am NOT a gamer or tech savvy. Here is what I finally learned. To my knowledge you can NOT use the silver remote to access your personal workouts. You prob can use it to ride but In order to access workout you will need a remote with touch pad. Oddly enough (for me) since I had an old silver remote I found it useful to use the silver one to guide through “the start up” process but then when I got to the part where I needed to “choose my actual saved workout”. I resorted to the black touch screen remote and once I navigated to it and selected it I had to swipe right and then swipe down. That causes the orange workout to “pulse” and when that happens I went back to silver remote and used it to start the workout and get back the screen that allows you to begin riding. I hope this helps someone. All I know is I was exhausted trying to figure this out and I wish someone had given me this advise. Using a laptop or IPad is probably much more user friendly. But now that I have my Apple TV working it seems to be better than the laptop was for actually doing the ride. The laptop (even with hard line Ethernet) and super fast internet… it still froze up. The Apple TV seems to work much better. Just hard to learn how to use it. That is all

That depends which ‘silver’ remote you have. If it’s the original one, I think you may be correct since it does not have a touchpad. The new silver remote, though, does have a touchpad in the center of the arrow buttons.

I have the original ATV4k (which supposedly runs Zwift better than the current one?!) and recently bought the “new” Gen 2 Siri remote with buttons surrounding the touchpad. It’s so much better than the Gen 1 Siri remote - night and day difference in the Zwift experience, far fewer mis-touches/scrolls.

Added bonuses are the “back” button that’s useful in Zwift, and the power button that will power ON/OFF both the ATV and attached TV with one click - you go from “cold and dark” to “ready to ride” in seconds.