Setting up Zwift initially

OK, I’m brand new at this. Attempting to setup Zwift, via AppleTV app. Not totally impressed…

So, I had success in pairing my trainer (Kurt Kinetic). It then wants me to pair my HR (Garmin), which it cannot find. No biggie. So, I try to select continue…wont let me. Then the app jumps to Gender. My remote (Apple, yes its charged) won’t let me select male. It’s stuck on female…

Hard reset on AppleTV box did not solve the issue.

Back to my erg and RowPro!

Could the version of Zwift you have on your Apple TV be old, maybe an update is available?

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Hmmmmm, brand new download. But I’d did occur to me to delete the app and start over…which I’ll try.

Your Garmin HR is ANT+ only and the ATV can’t understand that, it’s Bluetooth only.

Yep, i just realized that. Still not sure why I can’t successfully navigate using the apple remote…But I did get the app to launch and it does show me when I’m riding…so i press menu, and get ‘back’ and ‘end ride’ icons on the TV, but cannot scroll…something is not right…

Which Apple TV remote? I have the most recent one, and it can be pretty finicky. On the screen with the ‘Back’ and ‘End Ride’ options you should be able to navigate to the garage, workouts, challenges, etc along the right side, though. Try using both hard and easy swipes across the pad on the remote and see if any of that works.

Isn’t there an App for the iPhone which can be then a remote for the ATV?

Yes, there is. And that seems to be the key. The Zwift App does NOT like a remote that doesn’t have a trackpad. Using the remote App on the phone did the trick…