On Bike Apple TV Remote Mount

I did some searching a while back for a way to mount the Apple TV remote on my bike. Couldn’t find anyone that had come up with a good solution so I made and printed this and thought I’d share.

Clamps on 31.8 bars straddling the stem. Sticks out a bit and the remote sits in a pocket to avoid sweat drips. If anyone wants it I can send the STL files.

Whoa! That’s awesome! Now, if anyone can make a remote work with sweaty fingers, or make it keep connection 100% of the time (why does mine keep losing connection right when I want to make a turn?), I’ll be all in! Oh, wait, there is one…it’s the original Apple TV remote :crazy_face:. Very creative. Thanks for sharing! Ride On and best of health!

Question: what do people use the ATV remote for during a ride? I use mine to start the ride and to end the ride, but nothing in between (unless I have to ride through the Jungle, in which case I might change bikes). Am I missing something? Or are people just using the remote for some actions available in the Companion app?

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I reach for it to change direction, so nothing special on my end. I know the companion app can do it, but my iPhone is in a mount which makes it a bit clumsy to tap, especially with sweaty fingers. I’ll also use it for other things before/after the ride, but sometimes loses connection then too, which is annoying. It’s probably because I’m using a music stand (metal) to set it on which likely breaks the Bluetooth connection. So that’s on me.

By the way and off topic, I’m a HUGE Spinal Tap fan. We’ve been on a few events together. I do my best to hang, but then you speed away as fast as Nigel jams his guitar solos! :joy::+1:t3:

I mainly use it it change directions during the ride. Super easy to swipe it one way or the other. I also have my Apple TV hooked up to my stereo and play Spotify while I ride so I use it to control that as well.

Since I’ve made this version I made another with a tray off to the side to sit my phone on. Occasionally I will use the companion app to chat with someone or whatever, but most of my I ride controlling I do with the remote.

I fashioned something very similar with a pair of scissors, the cardboard tube from a toilet roll and a bit of sellotape.

…3D printers are probably easier to come by that toilet rolls at the minute though

Wow, I had no idea you could make the turns just by swiping left or right on the remote. I thought you had to swipe up, to get the on-screen menu, then move to select the option you wanted, then press to select. Much more cumbersome than just selecting the turn option on the Companion app, which I always have running while I’m Zwifting.

Are there other things that the remote (easily) does?

I don’t know how long you’re riding , but one of the more recent ATV updates causes the remote to disconnect after an hour of inactivity. So, if you’re just following a route for a while it’s possible your remote has just turned off and needs to be reactivated by pressing a button. Or, if it really is the music stand, perhaps try one of the inexpensive silicone covers available on Amazon.

Also, and off-topic: Were you at the Isle of Lucy jazz and blues festival?

Ah! Didn’t know that. Then the issue is it won’t re-connect fast enough, if at all sometimes. The turn has happened before it reconnects. Annoying. Thanks for the info.

Also, and off-topic, I thought it was the blues and jazz festival…:rofl::crazy_face:

An elastic hair tie holds the ATV remote very nicely on top of my Wahoo Bolt. :slight_smile:

Just stick one of these on the back, job done.

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I had one of these lying around unused:

And luckily it seems to be the perfect size for holding the ATV remote!

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