Kickr Bike and Apple TV

I currently use Kickr bike with 3rd gen ipad and it works fine pretty much all of the time. I’m wondering if the Kickr Bike outputs (speed, power and cadence) combine and only uses 1 Bluetooth slot on the ATV, given the complaints elsewhere about Bluetooth usage in ATV? Presumably my HRM will use number 2 and ATV remote number 3.

Any advice welcome?

You could use the Zwift Companion App to bridge additional Bluetooth connections to the ATV.

BTW, the remote would take up on connection.

Yes. Kickr bike uses one connection for everything it sends. HRM and remote will be connections number two and three.

Not necessary.

Heart rate monitor (Garmin HRM Pro) and remote work fine on the Apple TV 4K with Kickr Bike.

The companion app is just adding a potential complexity that could go wrong.

I have a Kickr Bike that I use with Apple TV 4K

Many thx guys, that’s helped, presumably that’s why we have this forum! Find someone who’s solved your problem :grinning:


I run everything through the companion app as my Apple TV can be a little fussy depending on which side of the bed it got out of in the morning.

Never had a problem just make sure you setup instant data in the zwift menu or you will get a 3 second delay.

Ride on

Thx Paul - ATV arrived yesterday and i set up to work through it (without the companion app) and seemed to work fine. Graphics much improved over iPad!

I’ll bear your comments in mind though!

I’ve lost some usability (returning ride ons on the iPad was easy, haven’t worked out how to do it on the ATV or ZCApp yet?)

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Can’t be done on the Apple TV itself. On the app you’ll need to find the rider from the nearby list, click on them and hit the button to send a ride on.

Thx Dave - you’re clearly a much more effective resource than having to work my through Zwift ‘help’ or youtube!

… or hit the circle around your rider on the map screen in ZC, sending ride ons to up to five riders around you. This doesn’t work in events and meetups though.

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Thx Steve - another Top Tip!

Cheers Dominic.

Glad you are enjoying the ATV.

The way I do the “ride on’s” on the companion app is to select swifter near me find the person tap their name and do it from there. I have no doubt there is an easier way but I haven’t found it yet…