Attaching iPhone XR To Bike

Used to use a Tacx sweat cover for my old iPhone 6 but now I’ve changed phone it no longer fits so just wondered what everyone used that allows them to use ZCA which is a must for me with ATV.

Quite like the look of the Quad Lock but seems a pretty expensive solution when you factor in buying the case for the phone & the mount itself.

Any alternatives appreciated.

Something like this any good?

Looks pretty good!

Certainly not as neat as the Quad Lock but then not nearly as expensive either.

Agree, I wouldn’t want to use it out on the road, but for an indoor trainer set up I think it would be fine.

To be honest, I think I’ve seen similar cheaper options, but can’t remember where.

Would never risk my phone on that outdoors but certainly might do the job inside.

An alternative is a “book caddy.” That’ll hold a phone or tablet, remote control, etc., all at once.

It’s practical if the bike is always on the trainer.

The pictured model, “Travel Trac Book Caddy,” is $20 online at Performance Bike.

Thanks Steve, will add that to the list to consider.