Tablet holder

Hi everyone, I designed this tablet holder as a pet project during the pandemic and I am quite happy with the result. I’d like to collect some feedback from other indoor cycling enthusiasts. Bottom line is : would you want to buy it ?

  • you can install it without removing your garmin unit
  • works up to 32 cm drops
  • made from biodegradable polymer
  • there is a gel/airpods holder

Hey Simon. It’s ingenious but no, sorry, I wouldn’t buy it.

Tacx/Garmin already makes a perfectly serviceable tablet mount which I imagine costs far less than you could get the cost of a low production run unit down to. There’s even a way to adapt a phone tray to it, which I document here: Phone tray add-on for Tacx Tablet Bracket

If you want to release your design to the community via Thingiverse or Yeggi to let people tinker, I think that’s cool but this isn’t likely marketable.

Thanks for the feedback. My main idea was to be able to keep the Garmin on, since I ride inside all year long and it is my main recording device. I also wanted something more solid that is supported on 3 points, and that is easier to mount and dismount regularly. Unless I am mistaken, the Tacx does not allow any of that.

Yes, if you want to use a bike computer, you’d have to relocate the mount to clear the Tacx. A stem mount seems like the logical spot since a lot of people put their computers there already.

The Tacx tablet mount is in fact easy to install and uninstall - it has a spring-loaded clamp so you can remove it in a matter of seconds. As for being secure, well… DCRainmaker rode outdoors with the Tacx holder to test if it’d fall off. (TL;DW: it didn’t)

Right now, doing my linked project involves buying something and modifying it. I’d suggest it’s a perfect candidate to be 3D printed (ideally with ABS).

Perhaps more important than any of the above though: my Tacx phone tray project saw next to ZERO interest. I thought it was a great idea and in practice it’s amazing. Either I’m just wrong, or perhaps the “Zwifting using a tablet cycling community” is so tiny it doesn’t support it. :man_shrugging:

i use a “standing desk” at the front of my bike, ( fan under) plenty of room for lots of “crap”


I don’t like mounting the screen to my bike as it wobbles about too much. when using a tablet of a phone for zwift I use a modified mic stand that i swapped the bit that holds the mic with a tablet holder and position it just in front of my front wheel.

then have the companion app mounted on the handlebars