Noob setup question

Hi all! I’m new to the static bike game and a friend has recommended zwift. After countless hours of research I’ve come to the conclusion that apple tv and a small 1080p monitor will be the best setup for me.

So, does anyone have a recommended monitor that will fit in the holder on the tri bars? Don’t wanna spend over 100 ideally


I would not put a monitor on the tri bars, I would suggest putting it on a platform in front of you.

OK thanks, any particular reason? They seem strong enough to support a lightweight one

You might want to use the tri bars.

Why would you want to mount a monitor on the tri bars, no one does that.

Ha, my bad - i meant the device holder bit above the tri bars

I would put a phone on the tri bars that runs the Zwift Companion App, but again I would not put a monitor there.