Recommendations for laptop/iphone/ipad holder

So, there’s a certain amount of interaction with the keyboard while you’re riding, and I guess the mobile companion would simplify most of that, but for now having to interact with the laptop keyboard, while riding, how do you safely place it on the handlebar and also protecting from sweat?

Recommendations for a holder/clamp/shelf?

Currently I’m mirroring the screen on the big TV using TV, so I don’t really care seeing the screen on my laptop.

I’m considering just using a BT Keyboard strapped to the handlebar.

In our office, we use these:

But they are pretty pricey. For just the keyboard, perhaps just a music stand might work?

Cheesy web site, but great products:

I use the laptop stand to hold my keyboard/trackpad combo using this:

I also use this to protect the keyboard from sweat. Available for various keyboards and laptops:

Much better, I’d say than trying to mount to your bars. 

I bought a music stand for my phone and wireless keyboard. Sits beside my bike.


I keep my phone in a zip lock bag and use the mobile app. The phone is in my jersey pocket. I will only type during warm-ups, cool downs and maybe between sets.

I hang my computrainer controller and wireless mini keyboard from ropes attached to ceiling.