Handlebar laptop stand


Anybody have any recommendations for a laptop stand that can be attached to the handlebar ? I’m not interested in the free standing ones.

Thanks in advance.

(j m. (mgcc)) #2

Some ideas:




Thanks,I will look into those ideas

(Todd Taylor) #4

I’m guessing most laptops are kind of heavy to be mounting to handlebars, so I wouldn’t expect to find too many products that meet this request.  Mine laptop in particular is way too heavy.  Most of the handlebar mounts I’ve seen are for tablets, so you might have to get creative and make your own.

(Michael Shirey) #5

I just ordered the Wahoo trainer desk.  Hoping it arrives early next week.  Expensive but great reviews.  I have been using TV trays and they just sit to low plus my 17" laptop is a boat anchor since it was built for gaming.  My biggest reason for getting this particular desk is that I can move it close enough that I won’t need to wear my glasses to see the screen clearly.


I’m using my wife airbook so it’s pretty light Todd and I don’t trust myself to build something and put on my bike :slight_smile:


Michael-the Wahoo desk looks great but I’m looking for something to stay on the bike as I’m using my trainer in my building gym so I’m trying to take less items with me as possible. as of now i think the FitDesk is my best option.

(Sco Tpa) #7

I am going to try this stand. I just ordered it.

(Jeffrey Kramer (ZSUN)) #8

I ordered the Wahoo desk too.  Love it, and it works great.  I even use it close to my treadmill as well.  Yes it’s overpriced, but it’s good quality and works great.