DIY Lumber Wood Indoor Cycling Desk

As indoor cycling desks are pretty pricy, I decided to make my own at a fraction of hte price using 2x4’s, 15" 1/4 MDF shelving, Kreg Joint Jig. Circular saw and a quick sqaure which has a protractor for the angled cuts.

Desk risers are 9.5° angled cuts and their base supports are 45° on one side and 35.5° on the other side.

Free plans can be downloaded here: DIY Indoor Cycling Desk Plans

I’ll build another one for work and will later document the steps on Instructables.

Below are pictures of the desk:

That look very nice. :ride_on:

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Nice job! Much better than the one I threw together, spent around $20 on lumber and parts. I’m a better cyclist than I am a carpenter!

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that is a nice Setup @Mike_Rowe_PBR

Nice bike. :slight_smile:

Now that I see your setups. I notice the desk height difference.

Mike do you think it will be better having the desk higher than your handle bar, How easy is it to type?

That’s pretty descent also. As long as it gets the job done.
Since I’m using a laptop, I preferred a similar design to the Wahoo desk where the desk is above and almost above the handlebar and the risers are at a slight angle leaning towards the bike so that the base is ahead of the bike.
Awesome you got your kids to join your Zwift rides.

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Yes, that would make it easier, originally I used this with a laptop before building my dedicated gaming PC on the cheap, so having it up much higher would have been hard on my neck and spine.

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I think it’s a question of whether you use a laptop (I’m using a laptop) vs Mike who uses a TV.
As I’m going back and forth with my setup between home and work camp, I opted for using my laptop rather than lugging around a large fragile TV.

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Nice Roubaix Mike!
Which is yours though? The Redline or the Specialized? :slightly_smiling_face:

I race on the redline, the Roubaix is just for free rides :crazy_face:


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A two bike set-up… I like it.
That Roubaix looks very much like my Tarmac. Roughly a 2014 model if my memory is switch on.
10 speed Shimano 105? Fulcrum wheels?

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Mine is the 2015 model sl4 comp, Ultegra 11 speed, same wheels though

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Yeah I should have waited a year. LOL I’m still running 10 speed.
Always fancied a Roubaix, nice ride Mike.


No time to get any timber before lockdown and signing up to Zwift. Used an old parasol base, and old worktop chrome leg over an old curtain pole packed with insulation foam and an old tv unit drawer front cantilevered off a bracket to reach over the bike. Perfect :grin:


Necessity is the mother of invention


Awesome work Guy. I have been thinking about building one for myself. Funny thing is that I just bought a Kreg joint jig a few weeks ago to build barn doors.

I’ve used the Kreg Jig on countless projects. From fixing chairs, to assembling Big Green Egg Custom Table and BBQing Gazebo. It’s awesome. Make sure you clamp the pieces down to be assembled before you screw in the screws.