Budget Zwift Steering Riser

I Built a lazy susan for this, inspiration from Shane Miller’s Budget Zwift Steering Riser // HOW TO

Instead of tilting the lazy susan, you can place the lazy Susan pivot point 2" ½ (6.3 cm) in front of wheel point of contact, much like the Elite Sterzo’s design.

I’ve attached a schematic of my design in the attached SKP Sketchup file: Bicycle Wheel Steering Riser!

In case you don’t have access to Sketchup, I’ve attached screenshots.
I used ½" OSB plywood for the two round bases with a diameter of 16".
Used 2x4 lumber for wheel support.
And a 12" lazy Susan

Bicycle Wheel Steering Riser 1|537x500

Wonderful! Excellent craftsmanship. Now, you just need an electric lift to underneath to coincide with gradient, both + and - . I like your woodworking.

I actually thought of building an adjustable riser remotely controlled.
But I’ll just wait until Wahoo develop a steering climb, once Elite’s exclusive deal finishes with Zwift.