Riser block vs Turn block

Hi. New to Zwift, finding my bike is squeaking a bit with the front wheel resting on a hardback book. Do people recommend a riser block or a turn block. Cheers

Riser block is cheaper. Does the turn block communicate with the app to make the bike turn? If so that is neat but not sure if it is necessary. Just my $.02

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The turn block isn’t a smart one so no it doesn’t enable the steering function in Zwift. It’s not better than the cheaper alternative.

There seems to be a disparity in the heights of the two above though so maybe worth measuring the height of your book to get one the same height if you are comfortable with that.

Alternatively use a book without a glossy cover which will stop the squeaking or if you are not concerned about the book wipe it or spray it with some oil or something similar.

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My Sterzo makes a mildly annoying clicking noise as well, especially when riding with hands off. That’s the main reason why Ihave reverted back to my old dumb riser block to keep the front end stable and away from the floor. Well, that and it not being supported in most races…

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I bought a smart turning block but its pretty meh. Not really needed.

Its not heavy enough and moves around on the floor even after cutting a spacer hole in my mat.

Much easier to pick routes on companion app.

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Thanks everyone