Does anyone ride without a front wheel?

Ie using something like the kreitler Fork Stand (here which is really for rollers), but replaces the front wheel completely.

For me it would allow me to get closer to the table that my computer and fan etc is on, so I can control them more easily from the bike (essential in a race!)

Any thoughts?

How about something like this, instead:

It even costs less than that fork stand.

Thats probably a better idea :slight_smile:

Anyone successfully use a normal laptop stand (£25), instead of a “proper” one that costs £80+??

Some used a music stand for sheet music.

Those specific tables are height adjustable, have 2x bottle holders and cut outs to support a tablet. Depending on where you are, Wiggle do them in the UK. Wahoo also does their own, near identical stand, but it costs £200 or thereabout.

I just use a music stand, which was really inexpensive. But I also run Apple TV, so I just use the music stand for my tablet running the Companion app.

I built my own with a couple 2x4’s, plywood, and two shelf brackets from Lowes. I spent less than $20.

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Do it yourself! You need 4 meters of aluminum square tube 2.5 cm and about 20 screws and nuts of different lengths. The cost for this is around 50 euros. Good luck with the assembly!


Genius in it’s simplicity and dual functionality.
If only I had DIY skills that wouldn’t end in cutting a finger off.