Which one of these laptop/keyboard stands?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a stand for my keyboard/laptop at the side of my bike and I’m wondering which one of these you would best the best choice?

TV Stand (with DIY top)

Projector Table (with DIY top)

Tripod like stand

Another one

The non-tripod ones could go under the bike a bit I guess.
The idea is to be able to rotate the top to the front of my body, sideways.

Can anyone shed some experience? What do you prefer?

Hi Christoph.

This is a bit of a personal preference. I have a Keyboard tray attached to my handle bars so I can easily type, I have a DIY stand to my left to store my water-bottles and remotes.

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@Gerrie_Delport what kind of tray are you using? Doesn’t it vibrate/move?

I really like my Wahoo trainer desk. KICKR Indoor Cycling Desk | Wahoo Fitness


It is a DIY tray. Piece of wood and a clamp. LOL. No it does not vibrate. It may not be the nicest setup but I have a dedicated bike on the trainer and after over 840 hours it still does the job and keeps me fit

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awesome! :slight_smile:
@David_Gibbs_Red_Ride that’s way too expensive for my taste… but definitely nice

Any other opinions?

Look on Amazon, I just purchased a standing desk very similar to Wahoo brand. I gave about $130.

Which one did you get?


I think the Wahoo desk is over priced. This one is almost identical with the exception that it has cup holders which I really like.

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Thanks, unfortunately it’s not available in Europe.
However, I found this one instead and will give it a try:

I use something like this: laptop stand

I’ve first ordered this one now. I think it’s the cheapest alternative to the Zwift stand.

However, it would only be around 2cm above my bike. If I want to type, I would have to pull it closer to me as well, which probably won’t work as it has some mounting brackets at the bottom.

I can also not use it on my crosstrainer, which is significantly higher.
I therefore cancelled and ordered this one instead
It’s higher and let’s me use it on the side of my bike, allowing me to type when sitting upright.

I’ve also orderd clamps like these and will try to make my own little table attached to the handlebar.

Here is the DIY one I built for cheap with plans: https://forums.zwift.com/t/diy-lumber-wood-indoor-cycling-desk/417107

I use this : https://www.completecareshop.co.uk/bedroom-aids/overbed-tables/economy-wheeled-overbed-table?sku=M01278&gclid=Cj0KCQjwlemWBhDUARIsAFp1rLXjkL2RHpxwgDbR9cxF1QmmNKEYccIm0rCbNWQxzqt0Rq7C0bCIWSgaAoR7EALw_wcB

I just rotated the table 180, been brills for 4 hrs.