DIY Lumber Wood Indoor Cycling Desk

Hi Guy,

Your stand looks great and I am going to have a go at building one. Your link to the plans doesn’t appear to work, I’m guessing you’ve taken them off Dropbox.

Would there be any possibility of sending me your plans please?

Also, how did you join the cross piece on the floor to the two pieces of timber on the floor parallel to your wheel? Did you use dowels or plates maybe? Or just screw through the cross piece into the ends of the side pieces?

Many thanks,


It’s still on DropBox, but maybe sharing link expired?

Try this let me know:

Thanks, but that’s your sterring riser. I was after your cycling desk/laptop stand.

Followed link and Dropbox tells me the file has been deleted…

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Try this:

Thank you so much, that’s great. I’m going to have a go at building over the next couple of days - will post a picture of how I get on!
Thanks again, really appreciate you sharing your design.
Ride on!

Hi again,

Just a quick post to thank you again for your plans and to show you the results of my labour. I am delighted with the outcome, it will fit my laptop perfectly!

Although I joined it all together with dowels and old Ikea screws rather than using a Kreg jig, your superb plan provided excellent inspiration. I would not have been able to complete the build without it!

Thanks and best wishes,



Hey Stuart.
Your handy work looks great. I’m glad I was able to provide you with the plans and help you out.
I think having a desk like this is a must when Zwifting and the ones on the market are seriously overpriced. $400 for a desk like this is crazy.


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Very nice, but why did you make it so high?

Wouldn’t it be easier to watch the screen while riding if the plateau would be +/- at stem level?

Just asking as I’m thinking about trying to make one myself…



A. I wanted it more or less at level looking straight as I do when riding level road. Didn’t want to be looking down at the monitor as that would strain my neck and shoulders.
B. I “borrowed” from the design of the Wahoo standing desk.

I was planning to make a table almost exactly like yours with a sloped table top and lip for a laptop. I am curious if you have been happy with the height for use with a laptop ?

Do you know approx. what angle is your table top at ? Its a little hard to tell in the picture, but is the table perpendicular to the uprights or is there a mitre cut there as well?

Thanks for any info !

For me the height was perfect.
I personally made the tabletop parallel to the floor, as the laptop was below my head I didn’t feel it needed a slope.

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I was struggling to figure out what will be the ideal height for me … and then I had an epiphany for an alternate use for my Park Tools repair stand … :slightly_smiling_face:


That is one way to find the correct hight. It looks a bit high. :joy:

Right ? It looks too high but it’s actually very comfortable height for me putting the laptop screen in direct line of site. The table top was 49-1/4” off the floor.

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LOL. At least it is east to adjust.

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Was about to buy a trainer desk until I saw this thread but I can’t get the link to the plans to work. I download the plans but only see the front page “lap top stand 15 1_4 Top”

It’s a Sketchup plan.
Try using the online Sketchup app:

Here’s the link again for the plan:
Should look like this once opened: