Hi all, I’m new as Zwift user, but I’ve been riding (especially mountain bike) for more than 30y. Something I find absolutely necessary are the altitude curves whilst riding, even being visible before the ride. Otherwise I cannot plan where to “rest”, push, save energy,… no way to define the strategy of the ride. The map does not add much value, but the altitude curve does.

My hometown is very hilly and everyone, in every ride the first thing we do before a ride is looking at that.

Any plan to improve that feature?


Hi Enrique … that’s one of the more requested features for people new to Zwift so go and vote up this Feature Request:

Probably the best you can do in the meantime is study-up the Zwiftinsider’s map profiles like the one below for Sand and Sequoias route:


Hey Enrique.

I’m not sure how this would integrate into the app itself but the good news is there are some other options.

Try “ZwiftGPS” (you have to grant your Zwift account permission to use it). It’ll show your current location on the map on a secondary device, such as an iPad.

The other one I love using is “” which lets you review routes and move a position slider along the route, with the elevation profile shown.

If I’m doing a particularly long route and want tools in front of me, I’ll run Zwift on a TV, ZwiftMap on an iPad and the Companion App on a phone. I modified a Tacx Tablet mount to add a phone tray.

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upcoming gradient is pretty much unusable in Neokyo

black graph on a dark background is very far from ideal!


Most of these elevations charts are unusable in Zwift. You can be in an event with a pre-set course and all it will show if a big mountain which the course doesn’t even cover. Honestly, most of the time they are so worthless that I’d rather have the ability to selectively turn them off than to have them creating nonsensical clutter on the screen.

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