Mac or iPad

I have to get a new device due to the update happening in august. I currently use a Mac Pro from 2012. I was going to get a new Mac air but then I was thinking maybe I could just get an iPad to save a little money. Anyone know which is better for Zwift? My only concern about the iPad is I would have to connect it to me TV with a USB adapter but I would also like to keep it on the charger when I ride but I think there is only one port on the iPad.

Ipad is the best. I’m using Lenovo Legion with RTX 3060 and Galaxy S21 as Zwift Companion host and old Ipad Air with A9 chip. Yes, there are framerate diffs… But touchsceen is a game changer. Buy Ipad with M1 chip.

Hey Katie!

I’ve used multiple devices for Zwift from a gaming PC, to an iPad, and now mostly an AppleTV4k.

Had you considered a Tacx Tablet mount for your handlebars? You can even add a tray to it for your phone, with only a bit of work. I outline that here:

It’s certainly the most compact setup. You could also put the iPad on a music stand, tablet tripod, or trainer desk in front of the bike.

If you go with an iPad Air or iPad Pro, they’ll have a USB-C port you can connect to a power-delivery USB-C hub. I use that to keep it powered while riding, and you could output to a TV via HDMI.

I appreciated the convenience of the iPad versus a PC but graphics aren’t as high-res as on a PC. I take an even bigger hit in the graphics department with the AppleTV but I maintain that Zwift is “experiential” so ATV works for me. (connected to an OLED TV on the wall in front of me it’s immersive)

You’d need to define what constitutes ‘better’ in your view.

If you want to save money, then build up a Zwift specific pc or have someone do it for you. Cheaper and you’ll get better graphics and performance than an iPad.

I’m all Apple here, MacBooks, iPhones, Apple TV, but since you already have a working computer, I’d still recommend the above unless you really “need” that iPad or MacBook Air :man_shrugging:

I run it on an IPad Pro 12" M1 version and it’s fine.

I won’t run it on a mac until there is M1/ARM support and i don’t do PC things. Apple TV is another route.

Also used iPad, but of late found that battery is being hammered. So unless full, I charge it whilst riding. But I can’t everything read on screen, so output to screen. (Helps immensely for TTT to be able to see who dropped, etc.) If I do that, regardless of whether I’m charging or not, the battery still goes down - but it seems not as fast as without charging.

I have tried the laptop to screen way as well… but the loooaaaading tiiiimes are just dreadful. And then, after that, you get to the loading of the world and occasionally that just sits there and does nothing. Yes, it does have the required RAM - and if/when it eventually gets going, it is super nice. And you get to see the behind indicators…

I have used iPad before when the Apple TV version has resistance bugs.

As long as I kept the iPad charged it was no trouble. And I used the Airplay function to stream to the TV screen via Apple TV.

Mac obviously looks nicer provided your machine is supported properly.