Whats going to give me the best experience in these?

so i have 4k tv upstairs along with my high spec gaming pc,sadly not really enough room to get my MTB and jet black volt ems in there altho i have tried it all out there and works brilliantly,im going to have to resign the fact the bikes going to have to go back in the conservatory.

so im going to buy a small 1080p tv or monitor for in there and wondering should i go with an apple tv device or maybe something like an iphone6/7 from the local 2nd hand shop.

i was wondering whether i could use a chromecast in the tv/monitor and try and cast it from my pc upstairs but im guessing the problem would be getting a connection between my trainer and pc altho i do have an ant+ with extended usb cable.


Now that you’ve seen what it looks like on your gaming pc, it would be a shame to go back to a basic profile on ATV or a phone. Look up the ZPCMR group on Facebook to see how to build a cheap gaming PC that will blow those away in graphic detail.


I’ve tried the streaming/casting and even wired HDMI option from smartphones and iPod Touches and it’s typically a letdown. Not necessarily for raw graphics but there are “hiccups” that break immersion - lag, disconnects, out-of-sync audio.

I typically use Zwift on an iPad with the Tacx handlebar mount (modified with a phone holder for using the Companion App) and it’s just so compact and convenient.

I also have an AppleTV 4k and can vouch for it - if you have an existing TV, I’d say go that route.

If you have to buy a TV or monitor, the price might creep past that of an Apple Certified Refurbished iPad. Use a site like RefurbTracker to alert you when a unit you want is in stock: https://refurb-tracker.com/

You don’t need a current iPad though I’ll let others weigh in on how far back you can safely go and still get reasonable performance. (certainly two generations, maybe more)

If you don’t want the iPad on your handlebars (it does wiggle a bit when sprinting, but it’s still secure), there are floor stand options, and you can still have your phone on the handlebars to run the Companion.

Circling back to the ATV4k though: if you’re thrifty and find a used TV or monitor for next to nothing, it’s a viable alternative to an iPad. Oh, I forgot to mention: you can get refurb ATVs as well, saving a few bucks there.

EDIT - while there may be cheaper ways to build a PC, one of the appealing things about ATV or iPad is “they just work.” I don’t think I’ve seen a crash of any kind in 2 years. Click the app icon, Zwift opens and works. No drivers to update, no faffing about with a mouse. No, you won’t get ultra-level graphics but, IMO, that’s secondary to “jumping on the bike and riding.”

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If you’re thrifty the Apple TV is a complete rip off.

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yea i can pick up a 24" monitor tv/locally for about £60 ish,apple tv about £120 i think.

i tried casting it from moto g power phone…well it looked like playstation one graphics lol.

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Apple TV 4K looks almost exactly the same as any phone and virtually all tablets. A used PC that performs roughly to that level in Zwift (in terms of graphical detail, resolution and frame rate) costs less than £60; without any of the input or connectivity limitations, and with an upgrade path to Ultra. To me, ‘thrifty’ describes someone willing to put a bit of effort in to ensure good value for money. Apple TV is the antithesis of that.

This must be the first time in history anyone has ever described the Apple TV remote as being superior to a mouse for navigating Zwift. :rofl:

I’m out. Again.


what about something like a dell optiplex off fleabay and a gtx 770-1050ti ?

If you’re the same David G. that joined the group this evening, see the Files section. Tells you everything you need to know.

yes i am sir
hence why i was thinking 1050ti.

just trying to get the most bang for buck…wifes already at breaking point lol

See the Frankenstein guide.

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ASUS H81I PLUS i3 4170 8GB RAM would this be a good base and add a 1050 ti?

Yep. Easily doable for under £200.

awesome cheers