Tablet Recommendation

Hi all, I am currently using a Lenovo Tab M10 FHD. Its never been great and following the latest up date it crashes constantly. Zwift are looking into that issue but im at the point where i want a decent tablet with good reception/graphics etc which will see me through the next few years. If anyone has recently made such a purchase and can recommend one id be much appreciated. Of note i purchased the Lenovo after going on a site discussing best tablets to use with Zwift. Although it was was budget end - which to my peril ive discovered why.

I used a tablet for 18 months or so until my son built a new gaming PC and gifted me the one he built 5 years ago.

I’ll never go back.

So, to answer your question, the best tablet is a PC. Sorry/not sorry.


David is right, you’re better off making the leap to a PC or Mac but i guess it depends on what you’re wanting out of Zwift.

For a tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is ok. Not the most modern but the A8 doesn’t support Ant+

You’ll pick one up cheap 2nd hand.

Thanks David. Totally concur. Unfortunately due to where my bike is set up I don’t have that option.

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Another option to consider if space is an issue would be Apple TV with a tablet-sized portable monitor. Portable monitors can lay on a tablet stand (many have a built-in stand as well) and they have become extremely cheap. The price of that whole setup is competitive with tablets.

Do you have room for a laptop?

My 6 year old HP with onboard graphics still runs Zwift really well, and is the kind of thing you could probably pick up for £80-100 on eBay. Mine also has a whole stack of other software on it … programming IDEs, MSOffice, sound creation and editting software, and I imagine it would run a whole load better if it was just dedicated to Zwift.

Yep I run zwift on a laptop & cast to a tv using google chromecast, the laptop sits on a music stand just to my right

I have used Zwift for running on a treadmill using this purpose bought tablet.
Microsoft - Surface Pro 7+ - 12.3” Touch Screen – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 128GB SSD

It runs Zwift without a hitch and it looks very nice. I connect my sensors (stryd footpod and wahoo HRM) via bluetooth. I have not had any issues.
Hope this helps.

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I am mystified why the word “iPad” hasn’t appeared at all in this thread.

I am a “Windows + Android” user, through and through but Apple won the tablet war: the iPad “just works” for Zwift.

You can buy discounted, refurbished models, direct from Apple, with a full warranty. Use the “Refurb-Tracker” site to monitor stock - Apple restocks several times a week.

If you don’t mind the BLE limitations, even the AppleTV is an option, provided you have a TV or monitor near your Zwift station. Graphics will be similar to the iPad. (effectively, the latest ATV4k is an iPhone/iPad without a screen)

Thanks Jimmie

Thanks Otto. Apple definitely sounds the wY forward. Thanks for the heads up about approaching Apple directly. Definitely sounds the way forward.