Device Compatability - HELP!

Hi there,

I’m brand new to Zwift and I’ve just found out my Samsung Galaxy tablet doesn’t support the app so I now need to buy a new tablet.

Do any of you have any advice on a cheap tablet that works perfectly well with the app? I have just ordered the Lenovo Tab M10 ZA4G0109GB which has the right Android version, RAM and Bluetooth software but I don’t want to open it only to find out the app keeps crashing/doesn’t work well.

Any advice grateful received!!!

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Get an apple TV

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I would not think any Android tablet would support Zwift anymore…maybe the newest Galaxy but you might as well get a laptop at that cost.

Why is that?

A laptop is probably not the best option, especially those with no dedicated GPU.

Zwift run well on my ONE Plus 6 P Android phone. See a test below. (I use Zwift on a desktop, My android phone is used for testing, I would use it when traveling)

The ones I have looked at have older CPUs…Zwift is requiring more power all the time. I have noticed on my laptop with a 1660Ti and it is about a year old.

Tablets that aren’t right at the low end are probably fine for Zwift. Zwift runs perfectly well on Apple TVs, even older ones that have very old CPUs, for example.

My Android 9 phone works fine.

Samsung Galaxy A7 works very well.