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Hi folks. So I’m currently running Zwift on my Samsung s10 and while it works okay the scre6 is way too small to read detail. Zwift won’t work in my laptop, huawei or fire I need to buy s new tablet. Is there a list of compatible tablets available. I really don’t want to buy and try installing the app only to find out yet again that the APK won’t work. Any help would be grately appreciated :slight_smile:

I use a Google Chromecast, and mirror Zwift to my TV.

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That’s what I’ve been doing so far but I’m moving it all out to my pain cave. I also need a new tablet so I’d like to get one that is Zwift compatible. Still find it hard to believe there are so many new devices it won’t run on

Samsung galaxy tab s7+ screen is awesome and it works fine, although I believe it should be capable of rendering even better graphic details on Zwift.

I had this same problem so had to revert to using my laptop. Which luckily is a 2 in 1 so I could bend it up into a giant 14" tablet. Looks like I’m riding a peloton now.

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Lol. My ltop loads the program but Zwift freezes every time. It’s specs are fine, I am on the verge of giving up because I don’t fancy spending €700/800 on hardware just to run Zwift.

Apple TV is much cheaper.
The most (cheaper) laptops has GPUs which cannot handle Zwift without problems.

Hello I have a htc m9 phone with android 7 and cannot install the app. It is absent from the play store and by other downloads. It tells me an incompatible device.

Hi @Thomas_Webb1 that’s really interesting. I need a new laptop and I was also thinking in a 2 in 1, but today’s best ones seem to be using intel core i7 11th gen with Iris Xe integrated graphics, and I’m not sure how this will perform. Could you share which 2 in 1 are you using and what level of detail does it support?? Thanks!!

Hi, any experience of running Zwift on Huawei matebook d 15.6 please