Android Supported Devices Has A New Home

Hey Android Zwifters! Our supported devices list is now located here:

This is our new Supported Devices sub section where you can ask compatibility questions :slight_smile: We wanted to organize this section a bit to compensate for the traffic and make topics easier to find. Thanks!


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Huawei mediapad t5 is able to running zwift app??

Please use this thread: Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: Dec 22, 2019) - #10 by Nick_Keat

Not sure why this one is not locked, @shooj

Ohh thanks so much, your answer has solved all my issues, shut up!!!

I am just trying to point you to the correct thread.

I was trying to help you.

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Wow that escalated quickly.Paul is just being helpful.

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sounds like you still have some unresolved issues - maybe not all to do with Zwift though!


I need solutions, not tips

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solutions to what? have you read the other thread that you were linked to? that may have the answers you need.

If you have that device, just check the Google Play Store and search for Zwift, if it’s there it is supported.

If I pay 14,90e per month, think that I don’t have to reach out in a thread if huawei tablet is able to run zwift, I want an answer from zwift support telling yes or no, nothing more else.

There is the question, I don’t want to buy the tablet until zwift support validates it, because I bought a tablet in amazon and didn’t run. So now I am a very disappointed.
Apologize for my answer, but I though that you are from zwift support

There are so many different android devices out there that I think it will be almost impossible to compile a list of supported devices.

That is why I pointed you to that thread, because Zwift Supports periodically updates the list and users also add there input on what devices work and which don’t.

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Hi I’m trying to make sure I buy a tablet that will run Zwift.
I have an old Tab s which won’t run it also an old gen 3 ipad which won’t run it.

Will the Samsung tab 6 run zwift?

It’s not on the list only tab s4 but as they seem to like to upgrade and wipe tablets off the list I don’t want to spend out on a Tab s4 which is on the list to find come dec 2020 it no longer works.

Zwift got back saying only runs on Tab S4 no other Samsung tablets are currently supported.

Very odd…

HI Lee,
Welcome to the forums, and sorry for confusion and delay in responding.
Yes the Galaxy Tab S6 is supported, and it runs great!
Tab S5, S4, run the game quite nicely also.