Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: Dec 22, 2019)

Keep up the great work! Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro would be great!

Edit- The app opens on the Yoga Tab but force closes before you can log in. I submitted the logs through app. 


Appears to run well on the OnePlus 3t also.

Would like to give it a try on Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE 2014 (with built-in ANT+ support), but can’t install it.


About the GPU:


Great for Android. what version of android it will run on or is it a conbination of version and grapic capability. i got an Samsung A3 which is version 8. as of today (5/July18) on of UK app store or will it only show if your phone is compatible?

Listing “Sony XPERIA” isn’t really helpful, every Sony Android phone is called Xperia. (it’s like listing “Samsung Galaxy”)

Works very nicely on my Nokia 8 - good work, Zwift!

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Loaded it on my moto z force (Android 8.0) at work and the graphics while watching looked great…can’t wait to try it out cycling and running

Thank you for your developing android zwift.

I already tested it on my phone (galaxy s8) and I wanna test on my galaxy tab a with pen (sm-p550).

Could you give me a chance to test it on my android tablet?


I agree.  I’d like to run it on my Nvidia K1 but the Zwift app doesn’t show up in the play store like it does for my phone.  How about a link to the apk on the web site :grinning:

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looks good on Galaxy Note 5. Connects to Power Tap Powercal as both power and HR. Will need to try it out to see it it works live very soon

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Nexus 9 (yes I know, very old): Slow to load the first time, but then seemed fine. Graphics looked good, frame rate ok, UI responsive. Wahoo speed sensor seemed to lag more than usual on the speed changes, but happy to put that down to the early BT code (or the Wahoo, which often mis-behaves).

LG G5: Looks good, everything seems fine. I’m not sure what qualities for “great”… Better graphics detail I guess?

Other notes: For the first time I have more than one device that can run Zwift, so I can ride in-game with my son. Massive RideOn Zwift Devs. Keep up the good work!


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Has anyone tried this on a higher end chromebook?

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is it compatible with oneplus 3 ?? i believe it also have built-in ant+

@Dananto Suryo ZID

@ Luke Penny Packer Morris

lol sorry didn’t quite see that… phone does detect my wahoo kickr via bluetooth, but somehow did not via ant+. same well for cadence sensor via ant+… i have garmin speed n cadence sensor

There currently is no support for Ant+ Sensors from what I understand. Bluetooth only. Hopefully they will add this in soon.


Does it work on Huawei mediapad m5?


no go on the (huawei) P20 pro…

<sad face>

Huawei m3 yes and m5 no? :thinking:

The p20 costs 3* the mediapad m3 and it’s not a tablet

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Quite okay on a Motorola Moto G6 plus, save for the occasional stutter.

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